Navisoul Caral Marine is specialized in recreational boats and nautical equipment. The pleasure of feeling the sea breeze on your face and hair, the smell of the sea, discovering new routes, the feeling of freedom while sailing… These are things we know well. We are passionate about the world of sailing and willing to help you find your ideal boat,. Let us know what you wish and we will find the best option.

The satisfaction of our customers is our absolute priority, we will not only advise you when choosing your boat, but will also offer you an excellent after-sales service and will accurately answer all your questions.


Navisoul Caral Marine specialists in recreational boats and nautical equipment.

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Navisoul Caral Marine boats offer an impeccable user experience and an elegant and modern design as we strongly believe in continuous improvement and innovation, part of our dna.

Our head office is strategically located on the Mediterranean coast, offering extensive experience in boat design, safe value at fair cost, and long lasting construction. In addition, our products are eco-friendly and our processes are highly responsible, professional and ethical.

If you want a trustworthy professional, contact us whenever you like: you can contact us here.