The XI Boat Show of the Region of Murcia took place between April 6th and 9th; a professional, international event fully open to the public, a showroom more than 20,000 square meters large.

The fair featured a multitude of exhibitions and activities such as lifesaving and safety training, rescue of lifesaving rafts, a fashion show, children’s magic shows and various concerts, all of them aiming at promoting sports and recreational boating.


Navisoul Caral Marine at the Murcia XI Boat Show

NAvisoul caral marine 700 and 580

Navisoul Caral Marine participated testing and trying new models like Navisoul Caral Marine 700, whose total length is 7 meters and has enough capacity for 12 people, and Navisoul Caral Marine 580, with a length of 5.80 meters and capacity for 8 people.

It was a real pleasure to meet so many experts and individuals in love with the world of boats and navigation, a great opportunity for networking. And, besides, we could enjoy a wonderful weather!

If you missed it, we anticipate that very soon it will be the Palma International Boat Show, in which we will also participate, from April 27th to 30th. In the next publication we will give you further information about this Boat Fair that you cannot miss. See you there!

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